Alluring Fear - Demo

by Levinia

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He grasps on desperate souls Watching Learning Searching Seizing You’re caught within his clasp Anger rises Vengeance advises His violence masked by silence Fed you lies While emotions died Baptized your thoughts in anger His plan is true But despised by all Find weakness in your heart But tonight, he meets demise Concurred your vengeance gladly, Taking control Search your mind drastically He’s . here. To. stay Eyes locked ahead Frozen-now you’re dead Dreamlike state Focus your pain Darkness Insane Escape the wrath at once Claim your right Ignite the fight Tempting your prey at last With fraudulence And innocence Take control of all you know He’s here to stay….
Paralyzed, This selfish longing leads to My demise, Will it change Blade in hand I run so far into this Breathless rage Will it end? I won’t give up my fight ’til I’m dying No more alluring fear I won’t accept defeat ’til I succeed Sacrifice’s made and I will be free Demoralized- This cruel seduction's on the Rise tonight- Heed my warning Com/prom/ised Infectious pride It will provoke Ignite a cry I won’t give up my fight ’til I’m dying No more alluring fear I won’t accept defeat ’til I succeed Sacrifice’s made and I will be free Now comes the morning Bringing me to life Into the sunrise I lay my fear to rest
Immortal 05:10
Into the horizon And through the unknown We carry the torch And bring forth the stories innocence lost In their journey of life We carry our fight In search of our glory Memories Can’t be the lifeline Through this yearning To break free I long for peace Sweet words Kept me bound To a presence Promising Eternity I will long For his answers To questions end my strife Come with me He lied when he swore he would make me immortal through song and story Run away My victory’s worthless and I feel so hopeless through every passing day I will be haunted Through the ages Never staying clear Of my mind Haunted Constantly drawn To Assurance He’d be mine Forevermore Promise broke Causing to yearn For love's embrace Come with me I swore by you my love Call to me Eternal longing
Step up now Took my bow Became proud And cried it out Couldn’t see I’m dying Never sought us through Paid me no mind I was confined Grip my mind Walking blind empathy’s your sacrifice Searching deep For the love You never showed me Serenity bound Was not confound Falling slowly To something unholy Captivate Initiate memory’s not one to take Still you think I am weak Bow down And breakdown Bound to me By your own decree Can’t you see I'm Not a detainee I won’t be The last one standing Take your words And heal divinely I’m here to stay You will let me go I refuse To stay Bound to you False embrace I refuse To lie And let you Destroy my dear mind Couldn’t let this be You can pursue And keep me bind I won’t let you win run my life With ever tempting sin Stepped up now I took you down I freed myself No longer tied To the lies You said Embalm my pure mind I will not drown I will see you bow I will stand tall Ignite your fall!
She walked lost In a world Filled with hate Aimlessly Wondering Abandoned heart Was crystallized To heal pain Of words Once spoke The longest road Is the one she walks Alone Desperate wounds Can only heal love Abound Detriments Made her feel Unloved Unheard, unevolved Can’t she see She’s never alone Won’t let Horrid thoughts come near Sweet lost soul Can’t you see Me walk with you--- She’s blind Caught in fear Almost on cue Filled by longing Won’t betray you Feeling your pain desperate shame Words only belong To the embers I am right here I see your desire Afflicted survivor Be my fire I want your power So you will never tire This is my way To say I care No words can harm you Fight on! Don’t let your fears win


The very first demo from Melodic Metal Band Levinia.

Court Henson - Vocals
John Pinon- Guitars
Casey Artus - Bass
Dylan Suierveld - Drums

Guest Vocals:
Charles "Kallaghan" Massabo- Male Vocals on Immortal
Casey Artus- Unclean Vocals on Desperate Souls, and Etched in Memory


released January 15, 2018

Music by - Levinia
Lyrics by - Court Henson, except for Immortal - Court Henson, John Pinon, & Evan Marshall

Recorded at Revenant Sound Studios and Kallaghan Records.
Engineered/Mastered by Will Salazar


all rights reserved



Levinia Los Angeles, California

Levinia is a melodic metal band from Los Angeles, Ca. Incorporating modern metal with classical vocals.

Featuring Court Henson on Vocals, Dylan Suierveld on Drums, Alon Mei-tal on Guitars and Arron Suljay on Bass

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